UTRUST is an innovative crypto-payment platform, making it easy for customers to buy online with cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc) while providing the best consumer protection on the market.

We believe cryptocurrencies are the future of payments and that the current systems simply don’t work. We aim to build the future of online payments with cryptocurrencies. We believe the ever-growing momentum of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology provides a unique opportunity for the democratization of crypto-payments. We are the only platform that combines the transactional safety and lower fees of the blockchain with the consumer protection of traditional payment systems, enabling refunds and mediation. We are ready for the challenges of our globalized economy.

What’s unique about UTRUST?

Our merchants will use UTRUST to offer their customers a platform that taps existing blockchains to pay with cryptocurrencies that eliminates the risks of scams and fraud with full payment protection. At the same time, any merchants (whether they’re cryptocurrency fans or not) will benefit from the low fees and get paid with their preferred currency (no more worrying about crypto price volatility). Our strongest asset is building a platform around trust, completely prepared for the future of decentralized payment systems.