What’s UTRUST?

We’re an innovative crypto-payment platform that simplifies the way customers buy online with cryptocurrencies (such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc) while providing the best protection on the market. We believe that current payment systems will be surpassed, making crypto payments the future we want to help build.

How will we do that?

With the ever-growing momentum of cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology, we believe this is the right time to start democratizing crypto-payments. We do so, by being the first ones to combine transactional safety and blockchain’s lower fees with the consumer protection of traditional payment systems, enabling refunds and mediation.

What’s unique about us?

We allow our merchants the possibility of offering their customers a platform that taps existing blockchains to pay with cryptocurrencies, eliminating scam and fraud risk, with full payment protection. So even if our merchants aren’t that into cryptocurrencies, they will benefit from the low fees and get paid in the currency they prefer.

Our goal is to build a platform around trust for the future of decentralized payment systems.

Who are we?

We’re a small group of motivated, skilled and talented people with different backgrounds and experiences, brought together by our passion for new technologies and making things happen.

Our core values include:

- We believe in building the best possible product for our customers, and have the skills to do so;
- We turn problems into solutions, whether their business, design or development related and we do it happily for our customers. We’re big on the 80-20 mindset, making our jobs even more interesting, since time to execute also pays a big factor in the solutions we find;
- We’re curious and detail oriented, to make sure we don’t miss any detail;
- We believe in continuous learning, so we base of culture on that pushing for knowledge share and good communication skills;
- We encourage our team to speak up and share their opinions, to make sure everyone has the opportunity to leave an impact on the product;
- No matter if you’re an introvert or an extrovert, as long as you’re an avid learner and also a good teacher, you’ll fit right in!

  • We understand your value, so we offer a competitive salary + lunch allowance

  • You will have paid vacations and a budget for personal fitness

  • Well-being is a big thing for us, so we offer you Free Health Insurance

  • We have an always-learning mentality, so we provide you with a budget to organize Meetups as well budget to attend conferences

  • We organize a few company retreats during the year to unwind and have fun

  • We believe in a world without borders, so we allow you to work remotely

  • Joana Mota

    Compliance Manager

    “ The supportive team and freedom in UTRUST makes us more responsible and passionate about what we are working on. We get the job done by combining a great sense of union, loyalty and sharing! ”

  • Miguel Palhas


    “ At the core & infrastructure team, I'm always facing new and interesting technical challenges, which pushes me to the top of my game. ”

  • Daniel Coelho


    “ The best part of UTRUST is the people. I work with a bunch of talented people with an amazing passion to work and an energy that is infectious. It makes you addicted to this place. ”