We are looking for someone passionate about legal stuff and who is prepared to join a dynamic, fast-paced environment.

We need someone to oversee the legal aspects of our business and be the legal touchpoint with our legal teams in different countries. You will safeguard our reputation by guaranteeing that the company strictly follows law guidelines, prepare legal documents and coordinate legal advice to management about all relevant issues. You will have the opportunity to touch multiple areas of a product team, and its legal concerns, like business, product, people, etc… working closely with the different team.

By joining this team, you will get to know people with different backgrounds and experiences, that will help you grow and also learn from you.


  • You have > 1-year experience in the legal field;
  • You have experience with at least 3 of the following: Bank officer, Financial regulation/law, Civil, Compliance, Documentary/contractual management, Company Governance, GDPR, Risk management/analysis;
  • You like to research and evaluate different risk factors regarding business decisions and operations;
  • It’s part of your daily job to provide clarification on legal language or specifications to the team;
  • You drive your work with integrity and responsibility;
  • Maintaining current knowledge of alterations in legislation is your biggest hobby;