About the Mobile Developer (React Native) position

UTRUST is looking for an experienced Mobile Developer! We need a person who is passionate about building products that customers love and change their life.

You will join a dynamic and fast-paced environment and work with a cross-functional team to develop UTRUST payment product.

This position is for working on-site or remote (our only concern is to have the best onboard).

Your Mission:

We are looking for an experienced mobile developer that can help our team to grow in numbers and knowledge, as we build UTRUST product to be used by our partners. If you see yourself fit in the below requirements description, are passionate about building products and working with bright and highly productive teams, this role could be a great match.

Who are we?

  • You'll be joining a small but growing team of people who believe in building a great product for our customers and have the skills to make it happen.
  • We relish hard problems, both concerning business, design, and development. And we truly enjoy coming up with solutions to make everyone happy, from the customers, who depend on our product, to our team, as our work depends on each other. The fact that we’re very into the “80-20” mindset makes this even more interesting, as time to execute will also play a big factor in the solutions we find.
  • We are curious people, and with some much responsibility our customers put in our hands, we look to every detail and make sure we find every way things can break or fail.
  • A big part of our culture is learning. We cannot emphasize too much how important this is to us. We need always to be learning, and what we learn we have to be able to convey to others be it via email or in person. Thus, being a good communicator (which is different from being an extrovert) is an essential attribute for us.
  • If you are a person with strong opinions, weakly held, who wants to have a big impact and both an avid learner and teacher you’ll do great here.


  • Our payment platform is paired with a mobile cryptocurrencies wallet to facilitate payments in our ecosystem. Our goal is to offer the best wallet in the market in what concerns user experience and security.
  • You will be developing an app that includes a wallet for holding of cryptocurrencies, a payment flow integrated with UTRUST payment platform, a crypto deposit interface, a KYC flow for the user.
  • We are developing both for iOS and Android, using React Native and Swift stack. You are expected to work closely with the rest of the Product team, as well coordinate with other developers working directly with the Wallet product. You will not only coding but designing the infrastructure and technical approach to guarantee the necessary for the mobile security required for this kind of project.
  • Security must be an always a concern. We practice and follow security and privacy by design.
  • You should have at least 4 years of practical experience developing apps within a team. We expect you to have proficient knowledge of Java, JavaScript, Swift and Objective C or Kotlin. Also be familiar with iOS SDK and/or Android SDK. You will be working with Swift and/or hybrid code, bridging headers, etc., and developing and applying object oriented (OO) concepts
  • Given the nature of UTRUST platform and products, it is important to have experience writing multithreaded and networked apps.
  • You shall excel in writing tests, and code debugging and analysis (using for instance Instruments). And able to deal with application submission/provisioning process.
  • We aim to bring the simplest app to store and make payment with crypto, so you need to have the experience and passion for delivering exceptional UX.
  • As a remote team, you should excel on communication skills in both technical and non-technical discussions.


  • Competitive Salary plus Lunch Allowance
  • Free Health insurance. Paid Parental leave. Paid Vacations

We have remote in our Company Culture, so working on-site is an addon, but all have access to:

  • We believe in a future without borders, so we have remote ready culture. Our headquarters are in Braga, a beautiful city in the north of Portugal, but we have the entire World as our office.
  • Office place (e.g., UTRUST offices, coworking space) plus Budget to equipment, wherever you work from (Computer, monitor, keyboard, mouse and your kind of desk)
  • Company retreats
  • Budget for personal fitness/wellbeing (we care that you are in good health)
  • Budget to organize local Meet-ups (each of us is a UTRUST ambassador)
  • Budget to attend relevant conferences (all in UTRUST sell and build the product, so knowledge and network are our main assets)

Note: all applications will be kept confidential and only shared within the hiring team.