It’s time to achieve the career you’ve always wanted.

We are building the future.
Build The Future With Us.

We are bringing the revolutionary power of cryptocurrencies to the businesses and people worldwide. Every single day, we’re driven to build the best blockchain payment solution. We hire the world’s best innovators and forward-thinkers to do it: building a people-first company that’s defined by its talent as much as it is by it’s product. When you work for Utrust, you’re not an employee: you’re family.

Driven to do what hasn’t been done? We want you.

This is a fast-paced environment, and there’s no blueprint for Utrust aside from the ones we create ourselves. What we’re doing has never been done. So if you’re willing to learn and make things happen, we need people who are accountable, smart and as fascinated by a cool project as we all are. 

Who we’re looking for

Rock stars have been replaced by YouTubers. Superheroes have too many lives to save to focus. We’re not interested in either. We want to talk to friendly and thoughtful people who understand they’re joining a team.

(That team is extremely talented, but that’s a secret.)

If you’re an eager learner, a conscientious worker and a kind, supportive human… We already like you.

Other than that, it bears keeping in mind we are not looking for ourselves. We have already hired ourselves, and we’re very happy with our performance. We want people who will challenge us, think differently, and bring about change. In fact, we have looked in the mirror and too many similar looking faces looked back.

Be bold.

Here’s what we offer

😎 Unlimited Vacations (No, this is not a joke. You really get to call the shots on this.)

🏠 Remote Friendly (This is totally not about being able to attend Carnaval in Rio and St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin.)

🚀 Onboarding Kit (With lots of computer stuff, so you can, you know… work. If you want to. No pressure.)

🕑 Flexible Schedule (This is actually us being selfish. This way you have to do your own scheduling.)

🏕️ Annual Company Retreats (We promise we’re fun. And yes, we know you’ve met other developers.)

🤸‍♂️ Personal Fitness budget (This is not so you can build up the endurance to go to Carnaval and St. Patrick’s Day. It’s just about being healthy.)

🤓 Knowledge budget (We want you to improve yourself. Just for you. As a treat. Not because your work benefits us. Not at all.)

👀 Learning sessions every Friday (Again, this is a treat. Because we love you.)

❤️ Allhands and heartbeat every month to improve transparency (And no, these meetings can’t be emails.)